Dredging Continues in Newport Shores in Newport Beach

Newport Shores Dredging

Contractors for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers are continuing to dredge the area near Newport Shores and the Santa Ana River Marsh in Newport Beach.

This project is to improve the water circulation and channel depths. Contractors have told me that the project is supposed to be completed by the end of March, 2013.

Newport Shores Dredging

It is quite interesting to watch this project. They have actually built dams and part of the Newport Shores canal is currently drained so they can dredge it. It is interesting to watch as they laid down steel to create a road for the big equipment to operate from. The heavy equipment operators are quite skilled.



The dredging is only continuing to the beginning of 62nd Street as that area is operated by the City of Newport Beach.

I will keep you updated of future dredging updates in Newport Shores.

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Dredging has Begun in the Newport Shores Canal!!

Newport Shores in Newport Beach is surrounded by a Canal which is fed by the tide. Newport Shores is surrounded by the Canal which is fed the tide. The water level rises along with the tide. On the Canal Street side – the water way is fairly good size, and it makes for a very nice stand up paddle board ride or kayak.


This area is managed by the Army Corp of Engineers and they have begun dredging this area. It is quite exciting for the Newport Shores residents because it has not been done for about 18 years (from what I was told).

The dredging will be done up behind the tennis court (near Canal Circle) and will not continue down the 62nd Street side as that area is managed by the City of Newport Beach.




I will keep you udpated with photographs and videos of this great progress!!!