Newport Shores – A Lifestyle!

This site really typifies the lifestyle in Newport Shores in Newport Beach. Whether you are a surfer, enjoy riding bikes, running and of course going to the beach, Newport Shores is a very desirable community to reside in.

Surfing at Newport Beach

There are a number of surfers who reside in Newport Shores in Newport Beach, and there are also those who want to come and surf in this exact location. This is at 68th Street one evening when I was walking my dog Patrick. And the surfers were amazing!

Surfing in Newport Beach

It is a treat to watch the surfers in this area of Newport Beach. This spot is located right by the River Jetty in Newport Beach. And of course right near T.K. Brimmer’s Frog House which is a great place to get surf boards, wet suits, and other surfing items.

Newport Beach Surfing

Living in Newport Shores in Newport Beach offers you the beach lifestyle – if this is something for you. Enjoy surfing, riding your bike on the boardwalk, the Huntington Beach Pier or the Newport Beach Pier. It is a fantastic lifestyle.

Surfing in Newport Beach

If I can answer any questions about Newport Shores in Newport Beach, please contact me.

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